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    PTFE Seals - PTFE O Rings - PTFE Gaskets - PTFE Shaft Seals - PTFE Guide Rings

      DKI can offer a wide range of PTFE compounds for applications requiring minimum friction, wide temperature range and maximum media resistance.
    Our range includes Virgin PTFE and mixes of carbon, graphite and glass filled PTFE compounds.
    Suited for many applications, our PTFE compounds are available in o-ring, wiper, rod and piston profiles, as well as spring loaded seals, guide elements, valve seats back-up rings, machined components and custom designs.
      Benefits include:
    • Excellent Low friction
    • Excellent extreme temperature properties
    • High wear resistance  
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Excellent dielectric properties ?

    PTFE Seals are available in the following material specification:

    Virgin PTFE

    Used mainly for o-rings, backup rings and machined parts used in special applications requiring chemical inertness and limited strength. Ideal for use in cryogenic applications.

    Bronze filled PTFE

    Typical application: Used in dynamic sealing applications where the bronze filler gives improved wear resistance, hardness and compressive strength. The electrical properties and chemical resistance are reduced. Molybdenum disulphide improves the self lubrication.


    PTFE O Rings
    PTFE Seals

    Graphite filled PTFE

    Typical application: Significant increased thermal conductivity, reduced level of creep. Self lubricating, therefore suitable for high speed applications, without the need for exterior lubrication and applications which need to remove thermal energy and/or static electricity.

    Glass filled PTFE

    Typical application: Used where there is a need for improved wear and increased coefficient of friction. Ideal for high dynamic applications e.g. high rotation pumps.


    PTFE(PTFE) Seals finished products:


    PTFE O-Ring

    Wear Ring

    PTFE Back-up Ring

    Valve Seat

    Lip Seal

    Rotary Shaft Seals


    PTFE Ball

    PTFE Piston Seal


    Special Shapes

    Lantern Ring

    Spring Energized Seals

      Applications of PTFE

    PTFE is used extensively in many different industries:


    Petrochemical and chemical processing: PTFE is the material of choice for gaskets, vessel linings, pump interiors, washers, rings, seals, spacers, dip tubes and well-drilling components because it is corrosion resistant and chemically inert; it is unaffected by virtually all acids and caustics and functions in environments to 500 degrees F..

    Electrical applications: PTFE is one of the best insulators known. In thin sections, it will insulate to 500 volts per mil. There are grades if PTFE which have even greater dielectric strength. It is frequently used in wire and cable wrap, and to separate conductive surfaces in capacitors. Thick walled close-tolerance extruded tubing is the PTFE shape of choice where machining or drilling long lengths to close tolerances is impossible. Multi-hole tubing can be extruded. PTFE can be machined into standoff insulators, and many different types of high voltage encapsulation devices for electrical components.

    Semi-Conductor Industry: PTFE is inert, and its operating temperature range is from minus 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. When made to ultra pure standards it is the material of choice for various items used in chip manufacturing, including encapsulation devices for quartz heaters, and the like.

    Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries: Virgin PTFE is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Thin Film and sheets make an inert, no-toxic slide surface without microscopic depressions where microbes can grow. Conveyancing components - profiles, guide rails and slides - can withstand high temperatures inside baking and drying ovens and other heated segments of the food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals manufacturing processes.

    Laboratory applications: PTFE piping, tubing and vessels are used in various laboratory ware because of their chemical resistance, and inertness. No contaminants adhere to the surface.

    Bearing pads: Glass filled PTFE can be cut or stamped into bearing pads, and will resist all weather-related degradation while remaining an inert interface between disparate construction materials, like steel and concrete.

    PTFE Compounds: Various fillers can be blended with the PTFE base resin to enhance certain properties, e.g. glass fiber, glass bead, carbon, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, bronze, etc.
    PTFE does not melt; it cannot be molded into complex shapes, but must be machined. PTFE is easily machined using standard mechanical woodworking and stamping equipment and tooling. Most shapes are sold slightly oversized for easy trimming and machining to exact sizes.



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